NCP Woodlawn Education Committee Shares “Promise”

On Saturday, August 15, 2009 the NCP Woodlawn Education committee hosted a breakfast meeting at the beautiful Grand Ballroom to share the concept of a “Woodlawn Children’s Promise Zone (WCPZ)” with 75 Woodlawn Local School Council members, principals and NCP Woodlawn members.

The following Area 15 schools were well represented: Emmitt Till, Fermi, Dulles, Dumas, Sexton, Wadsworth, Carnegie, Fiske and the Woodlawn Community School.

After a traditional breakfast Bishop Arthur M. Brazier gave a brief overview of historical efforts to improve academic performance levels in Woodlawn schools.

Bishop Brazier concluded by emphasizing the need for strong parental participation in the educational process.

As presenters Bishop Arthur M. Brazier introduced Dr. Charles Payne of the University of Chicago (School of Education) and Mrs. Cynthia Miller (Principal at Fiske Elementary School).

Dr. Payne shared some striking statistics relative to overall school successes and provided a detailed explanation outlining the positive long term attributes associated with implementing the Woodlawn Children’s Promise Zone.

Mrs. Miller (Principal at Fiske) described a vision as set forth by Woodlawn Instructional Leaders in conjunction with the Woodlawn Children’s Promise Zone.

All agreed parental participation is a key ingredient for this program to be successful.